Yoga has become part of my daily life for more than 6 years and I strive to daily practise and follow its philosophy. I have always engaged in sports activities from my childhood and have found plenty of satisfaction. Nonetheless, Yoga allowed me gain an insight into a healthier and more spiritual life. I also had the chance to develop Vipassana meditation and abide by daily habits in relation to Ayurveda
(traditional Indian medicine).
I received an education from Joan Hyman during a Teacher Training 200 hrs (Yoga Alliance certified). She is a real yogini and has herself benefitted from the knowledge and training of Maty Ezraty. I always consider myself a student and keep learning through my personal experiences, teaching, readings and, crucially, human relationships.


There are numerous styles of Yoga, often significantly different from each other. Such a variety allows everyone to find a style suitable to their tastes and needs.
Together we will practice VINYASA yoga with influences from IYENGAR and ASHTANGA Yoga. Those are the teachings and lineages I have been introduced to. I also think they are cleverly developed to evolve in a secure and comfortable way.
VINYASA Yoga aims at synchronising poses and breathing through a certain flow of dynamic movements, leading you to a meditative state. Each class is different and focuses on a specific theme or peak pose.
Rhythm can be fast or slow depending on the class. Although, often guided with music, I personally like to guide you with only the sound of my voice and to let you find your inner voice.
IYENGAR Yoga introduces the use of props such as block, strap, a wall to make most postures accessible for everyone.
ASHTANGA Yoga’s influence is found in fixed and specific sequences of postures and sun salutations called series. You will find a video here of the Primary serie by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.